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C and J Depot, Inc. who primary market is an eStore (Online Store) has been on the Internet since 2004 DBA Fine Fashion Leather. Fine Fashion Leather sales leather goods. Our product targets families that enjoy wearing quality leather. Secondarily it has affiliates as a source to obtain additional finance.

Mission Statement: Provide excellent service and product to my customers so that we are all equally satisfied with and profit from the exchange. Company Goals and Objectives: To provide excellent service so that we have an expanding client base with ongoing referrals and sales.

Fine Fashion Leather is a family owned company located in Dallas, Texas. Inspired to offer this line of products by our son who is a Tattoo Artist, hearing impaired and a proud owner a Harley Davidson. He and his Biker friends like the latest fashions in leather motorcycle jackets and other fine leathers.  Therefore, we offer the best quality of leather for you. We are committed to quality goods and great service. These products are priced to meet everyone’s needs. Thanks for visiting our shop.

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